Cindy Peavy

Teacher. Writer. Believer.


I’m entering my third decade of teaching and still love what I do… most of the time. Other times, I skim the Help Wanted ads for a job that’s quiet. One where I can go to the bathroom when I need to. “Teaching” features encouragement. Reflections. Ideas. Commiseration. (Lots of that!) But in the end, it’s a rallying call for teachers to keep holding ourselves to the highest standard. Because what we do matters.

Writing Tips

Have you ever felt the light switch inside you flip on? That feeling when you know you’re doing what you were meant to do? Teaching writing is like that for me. What I enjoy most is the transformation of the writer. Her heart opens. Her thinking matures. Her confidence grows. It comes as the writing itself transforms. “Writing Tips” are 3rd grade lessons that can transform writers of any age.


I don’t have life and faith figured out. But I do read the Bible like I teach my 3rd graders to read. Ask questions. Create a movie in your mind. Search for connections within the text, your life, and other texts. Determine the main ideas and themes. Empathize. Savor the beauty of the words. The thoughts and stories you’ll find here are the result of reading God’s word with my mind and my heart on fire.

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