Cindy Peavy

Teacher. Writer. Believer.


I am wife, mother of a man-son and a dandruffy golden retriever, sister, adult orphan, aunt, friend, language arts teacher and tutor, walker, hiker, SCUBA diver, nature lover, art lover, word lover, writer, reader, grammar nerd, not-so-secret admirer of Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise, and road-trip expert.

I’ve slept in a tent 48 nights on a 9,700-mile road trip and could spend the rest of my life camping in the woods. As long as I have my family, a good view, and trails to hike. Oh yeah, and an air mattress.

I am also a survivor. Of childhood abuse. Of parenting a child with depression and anxiety. Of hopelessness and doubt. Of financial disasters. Of losing four children through miscarriages. Of teaching over 20 years. Of menopause (perhaps my greatest accomplishment!).

This blog is about all that.

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